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Nature photography hides aims to supply the very best that Andalusia has to offer in photographic hides rental to photograph some of the most iconic natural species in the region.

If you like nature photography, we have different photography hides to help you approach to the birds to take the best possible picture. They are located in the Osuna Triangle, Estepa and Ojuelos estate (Seville) and Subbetica Natural Park (Cordoba). From this Team, we try to bring you the best opportunity to take the perfect Nature Photography. We expect provide the best quality of our hides, and that is our principal motivation. These are our four principal photography hides:

 Photography Hides “Las Buitreras”

In this photography hide, at foot of the most populated zone in which Griffon Vulture is reproduced, we count with two photography hides which each one have two places. We are sure you can have fun when you observe the wonderful landscapes in front of you in addition to the terrible natural scene that suppose to see the griffon vulture groups eating and fighting.
This hide is one of the most rare places to take a nature picture because of Griffon Vulture is a very suspicious bird. Due to this, to find a good place to take pictures can be a very hard mission.

 Photography Hides “Charca de los Toros”

An special photography hide where you will be living the Nature Life of Spain at the home of the brave bull, when the countryside birds arrive to drink water at the little lake. Furthermore Pterocles occidentalis, you can observe and photograph glareora pratincola, vanellus vanellus and much more. This place is so near “Ojuelos” that you can go on foot.
We suggest this package to people who is in love with nature.

Photography Hides “Ojuelos”

Another photography hide to enjoy. This is the only one great bustard hide in Andalusia. Eveytime you can see the biggest flier bird in Europe. Specially amazing in spring when the male individuals made “la rueda” to seduce female. This hide is next to “Charca de los toros”, so you can enjoy the both in the same day.

Photography Hides “El Refugio de la Serpiente”

Photography hide for little birds situated in Estepa such as Loxia curvirostra, parus major, parus cristatus, sylvia atricapilla… This place has a very long biodiversity with many kinds of birds.
The Ornithological Station “Refugio de la Serpiente” has an observatory where you see the typical birds. This Observatory was made to be a perfect Andalusian hide. In this place we have fixed equipment and some portable hides. The most complete supplies for your best photos.

Mito from our photography hides refugio de la serpiente

We recommend you this video.

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  1. I am visiting the Estepa area on Saturday (22 August) and would like to take some bird photographs…do you have any hides available? I would like to take a picture of a Montegu’s Harrier if possible and would be happy to travel to the Osuna area.

    If you have hides available please could you provide details with costs.
    Thank you!


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